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Mission: CBRE Group, Inc. is a holding company that conducts all of its operations through its indirect subsidiaries
Location: Los Angeles, California
Employees: 75051
  • $456 million raised at IPO - 2004
  • none

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Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
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What employees at CBRE think about working there

“I'm really disappointed that from my experience the culture at CBRE was pretty aggressive and definitely not a safe place for women. I would consistently get verbally harassed, even just casual remarks about my ability, because I was a women. Really didn't appreciate that and didn't feel hr did a good enough job at addressing my concerns.”
“I've really enjoyed my time working at CBRE. Although the workload is definitely a little intense, the people that you get to surround yourself with on a daily basis and the complexity of our projects makes it definitely worth it in the long run.”
“For the first few years of working for the company I really enjoyed it, but as I kept getting passed up for promotions time after time I started to realize an undercurrent of office politics and general lack of productive work. People who were able to play the game generally got higher raises and more opportunity than those who performed well.”
“I appreciate that the fact that I've worked at cbre means I'll be able to get pretty much any job I could hope for in real-estate, it doesn't mean that I enjoyed my time there. For a time I was working in capital markets and the normal workday would be 12-14 hours.
Really reputable organization that will give you an opportunity to understand what it's like to work at a top firm in the world. Lots of really cool projects and they pay pretty well in general. Great opportunity to boost your career to the next step.”

CBRE Glassdoor Themes

Organization size and prestige

Every day, I show up to work at a beautiful office. I work surrounded by brilliant people. All of this reminds me why I’m proud to work for CBRE, and why CBRE is internationally renowned in the real estate management business.
CBRE deals with every aspect of real estate. A job here presents you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn something about everything. The training is truly excellent. While CBRE is a great place to get started, though, the difficulty of landing a promotion causes many ambitious young people to leave.


At CBRE, they give you fairly generous vacation time, decent benefits, and a good bonus package. They pay is also great if you stick around for a while. The people happiest here, I think, are Boomers. The young employees, on the other hand, are paid far too little.
At times, this job can demand crazy hours. In Capital Markets, where I used to work, it’s not unusual to be putting in eleven or twelve hour days. The money may be “good,” but it’s not great, considering the amount of work you have to do for it. There’s a high rate of burnout.

Workplace culture

Everyone is friendly, but don’t let that fool you; the competition is intense. The security of your job and your ability to rise through the company is linked to your ability to bring in money. However, if you can work hard, your earnings potential here is great.
CBRE gives high performers their due. They celebrate individual competence, and make sure to recognize achievement. That said, you have to make sure that your competence is visible. You have to make sure that others notice when you’re working hard.

A Day in the Life of a CBRE Financial Analyst

“Bill arrives early in the morning at the CBRE office in downtown Toronto. Though he technically doesn’t need to show his face until 9:30 a.m., many of his colleagues show up earlier than then. The boss does, his friends do, and so Bill does too. It’s important at CBRE to show that you’re working as hard as everyone else. This can encourage behavior like showing up for work 45 minutes early. Bill is thankful that be that the doors are locked at night.

A financial analyst job at CBRE is ideal for Bill--his wonkish interest in solving complex problems, combined with his good social skills make him good at his job. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do when he was studying finance in college. But his position here has been a good fit. Though he sits at a desk for a good eight or nine hours per day, he spends a decent amount of that time talking on the phone. He is on friendly terms with people whom he’s never met in person, CBRE employees far away, in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and elsewhere.

There’s no truly typical day at CBRE. From one day to the next, he tackles all kinds of different problems. His work requires him to analyze the real estate market, as well as individual clients’ capital expenditures, profit plans, financial statements, etc. etc.. Today he’s looking into real estate opportunities in Maine. Just as he’s never met Fred in Vancouver or Daphne in Los Angeles, he’s never been to Maine. He’ll probably never go. But he knows an impressive amount about fluctuations in the Maine real estate market. This kind of knowledge comes with the territory of working for a global company like CBRE.

Working at CBRE has its perks. For instance, the gleaming, white state-of-the-art office downtown. Bill’s affection towards his office may seem irrational to others, but he knows that it’s important to feel that the place where you work is clean, comfortable, modern. He remembers this when he walks into the office on a scorching hot day like today and feels the air conditioning wash over him. Another thing Bill likes about his work here is that his supervisors give him space. They trust him to do what he does. In a way, everyone he meets is the same. The CBRE brand is a mark of his ability. He feels that it puts a pleasant pressure on him to perform at a high level.

Yet working for such a prestigious company isn’t all good. Bill knows that the pay is relatively low for the work he puts in. That is to say, he’s aware that a similar job at a competitor could net him a bigger income. The attitude of management is that working here is a privilege, one that employee pays for. Bill sometimes worries that he’ll never move up the ladder at CBRE and never get a major raise. Every year, he and his colleagues get an almost insultingly small raise. So Bill plans to put in a few more years of hard work. If he’s still in the same place by then, he’ll use his experience at CBRE to get a job at a respectable but less prestigious competitor. He won’t hold a grudge against the people here, who have all been great. He expects that they won’t hold a grudge against him either.

What benefits are available at CBRE?

“Employees at CBRE are generally satisfied with the benefits they receive. The benefits plan typically includes health insurance, dental care, vision, personal time off, and a 401(k) plan.

What positions at CBRE require a real estate license?

“Only real estate agents and brokers require licenses. The scope of CBRE’s operations is huge. Other positions, such as those in accounting, financial analysis, and real estate management, typically don’t require real estate licenses. ”

What’s the likelihood of getting a raise at CBRE?

“Employees at CBRE will likely get very small raises once a year. Substantial raises are relatively uncommon; the one situation in which CBRE employees can count on getting a substantial raise when they get promoted.”

What's the work culture like at CBRE?

“The work culture at CBRE is pretty intense. People here really love to work, and not casual work either. Day by day there are a ton of different things that need to be accomplished. The part that I do like about cbre though is I find that I'm generally left alone to do my own work and trusted that I can do it well.

Day to day there's a lot of work that needs to be done. Generally you'll own a certain section of work, so you'll be completely in control of every aspect of the project. What this means is if you don't do the work, noone else will do it for you.

What this also means though is that I'm left alone to be able to do my work without too many distractions. I get to fully immerse myself in my problems and drive good results.

This is how I see the general atmosphere of everyone here. People come in to do their work and get it done well, and very little time is spent socializing or playing the political game, there's just too much work to do.”

What is it like to interview for a position at CBRE?

Initial interviews consist of relaxed but serious meetings with two or three managers. These cover basic questions of work experience. If you pass the initial interview, expect a background test and follow-up interviews with other levels of management. The hiring process takes between three weeks and two months.

How do you find management at cbre?

CBRE's management is more professional than many of the other top firms that I've worked for, but I've seen some pockets of management that are much more into micro-managing and driving people towards burn-out. There's an interesting balance that some managers find, the work isn't easy and requires a lot of time, but some of the good managers will support and even help you in difficult times.

What does it take to get promoted at cbre?

The number one thing that drives getting promoted at cbre is that you have to be constantly hitting your metrics, and exceeding them. Because the company is so large, it's difficult to stand out to management. Your direct managers also have a quota for the amount of raises and promotions their allowed to give. To boost your chances you should definitely consider staying close to your manager and befriending them.

Do you see yourself at CBRE for a long term career?

“I could definitely see myself working for CBRE for a few more years, and I can imagine a scenario where I do end up spending my working career with them, but my goal is to use the company to get myself to a stronger understanding of how these types of companies work, boost up my skills, and then move to a higher paying smaller organization where I can have a larger impact on the company.

The main reasons I want to leave are: I don't think I'm getting paid enough for the amount of work that I do, and I don't feel like I can see the impact my work has on the company as a whole. It really does feel like I come into work to grind out in my own bubble, and I don't really get this sense of community that many smaller companies talk about.

I would maybe consider staying though because with CBRE being such a huge company, there are a lot of opportunities to move around. If an opportunity comes up to try a new role I'll probably take it because promotions don't come often and they usually come with a big salary increase.

You can definitely have a long term career at CBRE, but I guess it depends what you really want out of your career. At the moment I'm not really sure what I want, so I'm just buffing up my skills.”

About CBRE

CBRE is a commercial real estate services and investment firm. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, CBRE’s operations extend around the world. It is very much an international real estate firm. In fact, CBRE’s global operations qualify it as the largest real estate firm in the world. CBRE’s mission is to build long-term financial success for clients by helping them develop sustainable business practices. CBRE does the majority of its business in property management. One of CBRE’s main functions is to act as a partner to businesses and institutions that want to outsource property management. CBRE claims to be the world’s leader in outsourcing, citing expertise in property management for telecommunications companies, tech companies, healthcare organizations, government entities, and more. The Company claims a consistent #1 ranking by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. CBRE does more than just outsourcing, however. Its other services include transaction and project management, investment management, appraisal and valuation services, property sales, and mortgage services. Customers The size of the company and the comprehensive range of services it can offer contribute to its attractiveness to property owners. CBRE counts many prestigious companies and organizations among its clients. One typical client, a wealthy Belgian real estate developer, selected CBRE to handle property management and accounting for a construction project in Budapest. The developer was drawn to CBRE for its ability to offer an “integrated services approach.” Social Outlook Today, CBRE is a Fortune 500 company with around 80,000 employees. As you would expect for a firm of this size, CBRE is making an impact in the communities where it does business. The company values philanthropy and by way of the charitable CBRE Foundation, allocates some money toward issues such as homelessness in the cities where it conducts business. The CBRE Foundation also allocates money to international disaster relief efforts.

Values and Beliefs

“RISE” CBRE communicates its values using an easy-to-remember acronym, RISE. RISE stands for Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. Is this acronym a clever but ultimately meaningless bit of branding or the mark of a company that takes corporate responsibility seriously? Respect Always important, Respect has become an especially charged value in the #Metoo era. It’s hard to make broad generalizations about the workplace culture of an 80,000-person company. The CBRE offices in Manila, Warsaw, and Toronto, is no doubt have different cultures. Employee reviews suggest that employees are generally satisfied with the level of respect that characterizes their workplace interactions. However, complaints of sexual harassment at CBRE are not unheard of. One employee compared the level of workplace sexism in her office unfavorably to the office environment in Mad Men. (If you haven't seen the show, just know that this comparison is not a good thing) CBRE maintains a confidential ethics hotline for the purpose of addressing workplace complaints. Integrity, Service, Excellence CBRE claims integrity as one of its founding values. To CBRE, integrity is a matter of honesty and of placing the interests of customers first. Of course CBRE may operate a charity, but it is no charity itself. CBRE has built a reputation for integrity by doing the kind of business that serves both its own interests and those of its clients. It has figured out how to achieve its goals well. Thus, we can say that CBRE manages to demonstrate “Service” and “Excellence,” terms that in this context mean the same thing.

Interview Questions

Why CBRE? This question is an opportunity for you to reflect on how a job with CBRE might help you achieve your career goals. Just as important, though, is for you to reflect on how your career goals are consistent with the interests of CBRE. You may also want to mention some of the things that current employees like best about their jobs. CBRE employees are proud to work at a company that numbers among the most respected in the real estate business. Finally, they enjoy the corporate culture. Forbes and LinkedIn have both ranked CBRE among America’s best employers. Describe a time that you inspired someone. CBRE interviewers might ask a question like this to assess your potential as a colleague and leader. You don’t necessarily need to provide an example from the workplace. But your answer should shed light on your potential to act as an inspiring leader and colleague in the workplace. Is there a time you voluntarily took on a leadership or mentorship position in someone else’s life? Be sure to give concrete examples of how your leadership inspired others. Did you help achieve a collective goal? If your example is not work-related, it may be helpful to spell out the connection between your ability to inspire in everyday life situations and your potential to assume responsibility at CBRE. What kind of past experience do you have? This question requires you to talk about your accomplishments and your abilities, not your job duties. Have you ever worked in real estate? Describe your experiences only insofar as they are relevant to the job that you’re interviewing for. If possible, use numbers to back up your description of your abilities and accomplishments. If you’re applying to work as a financial analyst, you might mention how you managed to make the business of one of your past clients more efficient. Cite how much money you helped save the client, and how grateful they were for your help.


Founded as CB Commercial Real Estate, the firm grew during the 20th century to become one of the most prominent real estate companies in the United States. CB expanded aggressively in the 1990s. By acquiring other companies, notably REI Limited in 1998, it rose to the status of certified global behemoth.