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Mission: To become the most helpful place for care services.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 11-50
Funding: $10 Million

Company Q&A

Q: What benefits do you have at CareGuide?

“Maternity and paternity leave, health, dental, and optical, as well as flex-credits that allow employees to cover costs like hiking boots. Friday team lunches, unlimited vacation, a learning budget, and substantial snacks in the office.”

Q: What is CareGuide like, in three sentences?

“Here are three of our values, hopefully they provide some insight in to what it's like to work at CareGuide: 1. Be measurably better. We strive quantify our successes, and improve over time. 2. Operate as a high-performance family. We strive for excellence and treat each other with care. 3. Win bigger. We constantly look for ways to systematize, automate, and succeed at scale.”

Q: What is the office environment like?

“Individuals start their day at any time between 8 am and 11 am. The office is open concept, with large windows facing north. People are quite quiet during work hours, but slack is generally very active. Snacks are plentiful, and teammates often eat together, either in the office or at nearby restaurants.”

Q: What skills do you need to work at CareGuide?

“Open mindedness, curiosity, and the ability to learn quickly and automate things.”
“The most effective people at CareGuide are highly autonomous. Are you able to teach yourself things? Are you pro-active and hungry to seek out solutions without prompting? If so, we have the right environment for you.”

Q: What is management like at CareGuide?

“Our managers take professional growth seriously. There are a lot of opportunities for one-on-one mentorship and feedback is usually prompt and constructive.”
“Our managers here at CareGuide take great pride in sharing credit for success and taking responsibility for failures. Beyond this, managers work hard to build meaningful relationships with their team members, through one on one's and regular reviews.”
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Office Tour

A glimpse inside of CareGuide's office

Team Members

The people you would work with

Lovely Dawn Mendoza
Marketing Associate
Danielle Shwed
Software Developer
Zain Kahn
Alyssa Atkins
VP of Marketing
Brian Sharwood
VP Operations
Tahir Wasim
Software Engineer
Brent Scheibelhut
Software Engineer
Peter Milner
Software Engineer Intern
Maria Nguyen
Payroll Administrator
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Perks & Benefits

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The shared beliefs that hold CareGuide together

Jobs At CareGuide

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CareGuide  •
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
$55K - 100K CAD per year
CareGuide is one of Canada’s fastest growing startups. We make it...
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What employees at CareGuide think about working there

“I’ve learned a tonne from my colleagues here since joining. Brilliant humans in every department, and a company wide emphasis on mentorship make a great environment for personal development.”
“Lots of opportunity to make decisions. On the flip side, some of my colleagues wish there was more hands on guidance. I love the freedom/high-trust environment that is present, but recognize that others may find this stressful.”
“Really appreciate the large focus on company culture. Team socials & company retreats help create strong bonds, although I do still feel we could do more cross-team socializing”
“Sometimes I feel my manager is a tad junior. However, given this is a culture that trusts people to level up, I understand that being patient with their learnings is only fair as they are patient with mine. We still push each other to be better, and so get the best of both worlds.”
“High performance culture where employees are trusted to solve problems and make decisions. The people here aim high, but succeed and fail together.”

About CareGuide

CareGuide makes it easy for families and individuals to connect with care services. The company offers a suite of highly-specific marketplaces, such as,,,,, and, designed to make it easy for users to find high-quality local services.

Founder John Philip Green famously brought down, an well-established platform for angel investing, during the company’s seed round. To date, CareGuide still has the largest seed investor network of any company in Canada.

CareGuide’s office is located in Toronto, between Richmond and Adelaide on Spadina. The company is actively hiring engineers, product managers, and marketers.