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Mission: We strive to connect deeply with our audience, and to deliver them content worth sharing with the people who matter in their lives.
New York, New York
Los Angeles, California
London, England
Employees: 1701
  • Series G - $200 million, Nov 18 2016 - NBCUniversal lead investor
  • Series F - $200 million, Aug 18, 2015 - NBCUniversal lead investor

Company Q&A

Q: Does Buzzfeed financially support continuing education for employees?

Q: Are many of your founding team members still employed at Buzzfeed?

Q: How would you describe your company culture at Buzzfeed?

Q: What is most energizing for you about the next stage of Buzzfeed's growth?

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Team Members

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Michelle Prowse
Vice President Of Strategic Planning
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Description: BuzzFeed is looking for a detail-oriented, customer-service focused individual to help manage and su...
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Buzzfeed Salaries

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Employee Reviews

Extremely difficult management to work with. The high performing employees are constantly being overlooked for promotions while the people who suck up and don't do the work get promoted. Really difficult to motivate yourself in an environment that doesn't recognize the people who actually bring the most value to the organization.
Working at BuzzFeed was truly a unique and incredible opportunity. Employees are hard-working, and committed to growing BuzzFeed's brand. Change and new opportunities were constant, allowing employees to truly make an impact at the company.
A great place to grow your career and accelerate your learnings. You have the ability to work with some of the most talented people in the industry with top of the line equipment, and the freedom to work on what you want. Many of the middle managers however are not very aware of what's actually going on in the office, and you can feel the positive environment get dampened by their heavy hands.
Love working with the people here and it's great to be in the same office of some internet celebrities. In the last couple years though we've re-structured the organization five times. To me that shows management that's willing to make changes on a whim without weighing the impact it will have on its employees.
Would recommend working here if you are passionate about the digital space. A culture where individuals are committed to proliferating BuzzFeed's brand, and are dedicated to BuzzFeed's audience.
Wonderful work environment with brilliant co-workers. BuzzFeed hires the top people in the new age media industry and we're the ones pushing the boundaries of traditional media consumption. Love being surrounded by such hard working and successful people.

Buzzfeed Glassdoor Themes

Talented employees

Wonderful work environment with brilliant co-workers. BuzzFeed hires the top people in the new age media industry and we're the ones pushing the boundaries of traditional media consumption. Love being surrounded by such hard working and successful people.
Greatest thing about working for BuzzFeed is by far the people. Many of my co-workers have become life long friends, and I've been able to grow a lot because of these relationships. Being an international company means we'll often have meetings with people from different time zones, so you have to do some overtime every now and then but it's definitely worth it.

Diverse work environment

I work on a fantastic team from a wide range of backgrounds, no one is scared of sharing their ideas and we're able to see and learn from many different perspectives. The company is definitely going through an interesting time as it starts to solidify its position as an international media organization, but the majority of my time is spent with my team, and we love to work together.
BuzzFeed has done what many other media organizations were scared to do. They hire from a wide range of background, all genders, all ethnicities, and they give everyone the opportunity to have a voice. BuzzFeed is the black sheep in the crowd, standing up for people from all backgrounds.

Poor middle-management

There were some great times working for BuzzFeed in the past but I'm tired of the bad employees getting promoted just because they suck up to the right people. Promoting bad people has such a negative impact on morale, the top performers don't feel like they're recognized, and we now all have to deal with someone with an inflated undeserved ego.
Really fun work environment. Flexible hours, great perks, and a strong sense of community between all employees. Management positions are mainly filled through favoritism but it doesn't really impact our day to day creative work too much. Definitely hurts team morale, but still a fun place to work.

How do people view the end product?

“"There are a wide range of perspectives about what we create. Obviously as a company that has such a huge audience we will have some haters, but we're celebrated world wide for bringing perspectives rarely heard to the public. We work hard to give a voice to everyone, no matter how small of a minority they may be.

Our readers and viewers love coming to BuzzFeed for a few reasons. Firstly we give something for everyone, we have over 25 different categories of articles and we can guarantee that there's something out there for everyone. People love the light approach we take to our writing, bringing serious topics to light through easy to read content that doesn't take heavy brain power to consume.

BuzzFeed wasn't created to be the next New York Times, we strive to be able to deliver content that's meaningful for people and easy to consume. Wether you use BuzzFeed to get sports highlights, international news, food recipes, or cute cat pictures, we make news easy for everyone.

We've gotten a lot of negative press though for promoting brands through our content. Every media organization has to make money some how, and you're always being pushed brands wether you're aware of it or not. There will always be haters, but that's what happens when you're successful."”

What's the interview like?

“The interview process is pretty straight forward, a mix of behavioral and technical questions. They're mostly looking for how open and receptive you are, and if you have your own independent creative perspective that you can bring to the team.”

How can I grow and succeed at Buzzfeed?

“Just being a part of the BuzzFeed team means you'll have the opportunity to grow technically and learn a significant amount from some of the smartest people in the industry. If you're looking to grow your career at Buzzfeed and become a manager, you have to be in the right clique and constantly make yourself known to the managers.”

What's the work schedule and work/life balance like?

“Great work life balance and a super flexible work environment. You're able to work remote if you feel like it (some days you may have to come in but the majority of days you can work from home). The company takes your health and wellness seriously, so you're also able to take days off if you're not feeling well.”

How are promotions done at Buzzfeed?

“"In my time at BuzzFeed I've seen many unqualified people get promoted to management positions, so I've thought a lot about this question. What could I do if I wanted to get promoted? What would I have to do? I came to the conclusion that it's very much who you know.

Generally, if you're skilled or not skilled, the only way someone can promote you is if they know who you are. Noone will give a promotion to someone they don't know. So how can you make yourself known such that you can get a promotion? Well usually the answer to that question is do great work and you'll be recognized.

But at BuzzFeed there are already too many incompetent managers in positions that are promoting people. These managers aren't aware of the work that's actually going on so they don't know which employees are actually doing the work, let alone the ones who are doing the highest quality work. What happens is these high performers are overlooked by management because they are more focussed on performing well over being known.

The only ones who are known by management are the ones who go out of there way to make themselves known. These are usually the lowest performing employees that the rest of the team doesn't like, but their the only ones that the managers know, so their the only ones who get promoted."”

What kind of perks are there?

BuzzFeed has all the perks you here about from top tech companies. Catered lunches and breakfasts a couple times a week. Fully stocked kitchens with snacks, pop, pizza, beer, vegan friendly snacks too. Flexible work schedules. Team outtings to resetaurants. BuzzFeed knows how to treat their employees well.

What's one thing you wish you knew before you started working?

BuzzFeed wants to have complete creative control of your work the moment you join the company. You're not able to do any type of creative work outside the office on your own time, and pretty much everything that you do for the company while you're working there is owned by them. As a creative person I need to be able to do things outside of work, I can still do it but can't release anything and have to keep it hidden.

What's the gender parity like at Buzzfeed?

There are lots of executives that are women, and we're treated pretty well in the office. When it comes to internal promotions to management positions, women, and more often peeople from ethnic minorities, are overlooked for white men. Ironic that a company that celebrates openness externally doesn't do it as well internally.

What are the types of articles will you be making at Buzzfeed?

“"BuzzFeed has over 25 different categories that you're able to scroll through on our homepage, so we cover a wide range of stories. The team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds in terms of skills and knowledge, and we're constantly trying to expand into new industries to grow our reach.

We initially gained popularity because of our entertaining lists, DIY activities, and quizzes. Recently though we've hired a chief editor who specializes in long form articles, and we've been expanding to cover pretty much all areas of media.

So that you know the types of articles you'll probably be making while working at BuzzFeed, some of the articles we've written in the past are:

- 30 Summer recipes you should make in june

- Make a birthday cake and we'll reveal the type of gymnastics you should try

- Plan the perfect date and we'll reveal your actul inner age

- Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley's most secretive company

As you can see, it's a really diverse range. You'll have the opportunity to work within any sector on pretty much any type of article if you're working here."”

About Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a global digital media company connecting deeply with its audience, delivering content people want to share with those that matter in their lives. Buzzfeed is a cross-platform network that distributes content through their website, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, among others.

Founded in 2006 by current CEO Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III, Buzzfeed has its headquarters based in New York City. Buzzfeed has grown very quickly from its founding days, receiving a total of $496.3 million in funding since its founding, growing to estimated yearly revenues of $220 million. With global reach, offices in multiple cities, 1700 employees, and an audience of over 200 million, crunchbase has ranked the company in their top 10 of companies to watch.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the highly diverse and strong team culture, the talented and creative atmosphere, the flexible work schedule, and the strong communication structure from management and leaders.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the inability to work on creative material outside of work, some managers being promoted to the point of incompetency, and the large amount of company restructring as the organization changes from startup to an established global company.

Buzzfeed has been recognized as a forward thinking organization that invests in good equipment for their creatives, while giving their employees the freedom to work what they want to work on, giving a voice to everyone. Glassdoor currently has 175 jobs posted for Buzzfeed, with Indeed having 44. The majority of these positions are for media planners, client services managers, and project managers.

Values and Beliefs

BuzzFeed believes in providing content that connects with people and that they are willing to share with their friends. This goes on either side of the spectrum, either hyper fun articles that look at basic cultural phenomena, and as well at hyper researched articles that bring up deep revelations of things going on beneath the scenes of every day life.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Buzzfeed?

What type of news leaves a deep impression on you?

What do you think BuzzFeed can add to its current services?

What is your voice? What is Buzzfeed's voice?

When was the last time you had to do something on the fly?


Before founding BuzzFeed, Peretti was the director of research and development at Eyebeam, a New York City based art and technology nonprofit, where he experimented with viral media. The original company was actually a chat bot client called BuzzBot that messaged people links to content that was spreading across the web viraly. BuzzFeed the website became a spotight for the most popular links that the BuzzBot found. The company grew quickly and became hyped around the world, gaining investments from top venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz, General Atlantic, and NBCUniversal. BuzzFeed has acquired two companies so far. Kingfish labs, a startup focused on optimizing Facebook ads, and Torando Labs, where the team became the first data engineering team at BuzzFeed.