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Mission: To provide a simple, secure and convenient way to connect borrowers and lenders
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 49
Funding: Total Funding - $57.3 million - 2014 - 2017

Company Q&A

Q: How do you foster cross-team collaboration at Borrowell?

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Team Members

The people would would work with

Carol Miranda
Team Lead Developer
Igor Kamenetsky
Director Of Engineering
Andrew Graham
Co-founder & CEO
Simon Wyse
Senior Director, Product
Eva Wong
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Molly Scott
Product Manager
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Open availability at Borrowell

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Description: Borrowell is looking for a self-motivated, organized, and intelligent Customer Service Representativ...
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Borrowell Salaries

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Employee Reviews

Our team has really become close over the last year that I've been here. We host lots of social events and believe in the work hard play hard mentality. Excited to be on this team!
People here are all very intelligent and humble, a great mix of personalities. Super excited about this opportunity!
Our mission at Borrowell really resonates with me. I left university with a lot of credit debt, and had no idea how to handle it. Now I'm on the other side, helping people like myself have an easy solution to this age old problem!
The management at Borrowell really cares about their employees. They're creating a work environment that I'm happy to be a part of, and I'm looking forward to growing together as colleagues and as a company.
Great opportunities for growth here! We're in a space that's super under-served and dominated by aggressive tactics. I think our market position has a lot of strength, and working with our clients in mind is super motivating! There aren't really any barriers to our jobs so you have the opportunity to learn a bunch of different skills from a wide range of people!
Management here really cares about their people, something I feel is pretty rare nowadays.

Borrowell Glassdoor Themes

Caring management

Management here really cares about their people, something I feel is pretty rare nowadays.
Intelligent and humble coworkers, management that listents to criticism, a transparent onboarding process... Borrowell has a fantastic culture!

Learning atmosphere

Borrowell is going through a phase of fast growth. It can have its drawbacks; your job description is constantly changing, and there are always too many things to be done with not enough time. This being said, management really supports your growth and wants you to succeed.
There's a great opportunity to learn a lot at Borrowell! So many opportunities keep surfacing and we have to keep learning to stay on top of it all.

Strong mission

There's a great opportunity to have an impact in the fintech space and I'm super happy to be a part of it.
Borrowell is very customer centric, making sure product changes fit what the market is asking for, and making sure its very easy to use.

What do customers say about Borrowell?

“"Coming out of university I had a lot of debts. From eating out during exams to going out for drinks after them, I racked up some pretty heavy debts on my credit cards. I knew that it was hurting my chances of getting a mortage later down the line, but I really didn't care... I needed the money!

As I got my first job it started to dawn on me the importance of having a good credit score. The impact of having a bad credit score can be terrible - I saw stories of people being denied appartments, new phones, or just being forced to pay super high interest rates. I looked into figuring out my credit score, and was frustrated by the fact Equifax was going to force me to pay for it! There were other companies that offered free credit scores, but even using those would negatively affect your score!

After scanning through reddits Canadian personal finance subreddit, I found the company Borrowell. They offered a free credit check that didn't affect my credit score, and easy one click lending that could help me pay off some of my past debts at a lower interest rate. The user interface is super easy and the information they ask is negligeable. If you want to check your credit score, I would highly recommend using them!"”

What is Borrowell?

“Borrowell is a service that let's Canadians check their credit score online for free. After reviewing your score, Borrowell then recommends different lending and borrowing packages that best fit you while keeping with the industry best practices.”

What opportunities for career advancement are available at Borrowell?

“Borrowell is still in the early stages of growth, and so there are many opportunities for career advancement! If you work hard and dedicate yourself to supporting Borrowell’s mission, you'll have the opportunity to grow with the company and fill higher up positions as they're needed.”

What benefits does Borrowell offer their employees?

“The benefit package at Borrowell is pretty standard. They offer flexible hours and vacation policy, a downtown office location, medical, dental, and extended health benefits, as well as maternity and parental leave.”

Where will Borrowell be in 3 years?

“"Borrowell is in a pretty competitive industry, with competitors such as Credit Karma, Grow, Clearbanc, and banks as well. With this being said, I think Borrowell is positioned well in the market to continue its path of growth!

I believe they'll continue to grow because they've managed to build a partnership with one of North America's biggest banks, CIBC. The other reason I'm confident of Borrowell's success is the venture firms that have funded Borrowell's growth. Receiving over $55M in funding from over 11 different sources demonstrates that investors recognize Borrowell's position in the market to be strong.

Lastly, I believe in Borrowell's mission of giving Canadians access to the best possible decisions for their credit. People in general don't like working with their finances, and Borrowell is focussed on making understanding and acting on individuals financial position as easy as possible."”

What will I be doing at Borrowell?

Your job at Borrowell will be constantly evolving as the company continues to grow! The key activities of our business are building a robust and secure application, building partnerships with banks for loaning programs, designing an easy to use user experience, and making sure our customers are always satisfied with our product!

How can I succeed at Borrowell?

To succeed at Borrowell you must be passionate about making a product that helps Canadians with their financial goals. You'll succeed if you work hard, stay open, and have a drive to keep learning!

How can I do well at my interview for Borrowell?

The interview process isn't easy for joining Borrowell because we know a great product starts with a great team. To prepare for the interview so that you can ace it, make sure you understand the current landscape of lending and borrowing in Canada, looking at the roles of the Government, Banks, and current debt rates. We'll only hire people who are passionate about the space and have a drive to help Canadians with their financials!

What does media say about Borrowell?

“"Borrowell has been recognized Canada wide as putting Canadian's interests first. They have over 350,000 users, and are recognized as the best online lender in Canada. There are three reasons press follows Borrowell intently.

First is their base service, the free credit score check. Borrowell fronts the cost of checking someones credit score to Equifax in the hopes they can recommend products later down the line to bring them revenue. They also give you Monthly Equifax Credit Reports directly to your inbox as an efficient way for you to keep track of your credit score. It shows that the company really wants to give you information on your current position in an easy and direct way.

Borrowell also has a very user friendly interface that makes the process of understanding your credit score super easy. On their home page you can see that getting your credit score only takes a total of 3 minutes. They want to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to check their financial position.

Lastly, Borrowell offers low interest rate loans based on no-collateral status that makes paying off credit cards simple. One of the biggest problems many people face in their lives is handling their credit debt. Not being able to pay it off in time results in very high compounding interest rates that only get harder and harder to pay off. Borrowell's loan service makes it easy to pay off credit cards, and keep away from their high interest rates."”

About Borrowell

Borrowell's mission is to help Canadians make great decisions about their credit. Borrowell offers a free credit score service that doesn't affect your credit rating, and gives Canadians report monitoring, personal loans, and financial product recommendations. The overall goal of Borrowell is to help improve Canadians interaction with their financials, and to become the hero of their credit.


Founded in 2014 by the current CEO, COO, and CTO, Andrew Graham, Eva Wong, and Salim Naran, Borrowell's headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. Borrowell has approximately 10 employees, and has raised $57.3M in funding from a mix of venture funding and debt financing from sources such as Concentra Bank and Equitable Bank.

Borrowell is a small company, but they've gained a lot of respect by the media for their focus on providing consumers with an easy to use service that supports their long term financial goals. Borrowell enables people to easily see how their credit score is affected by their debt, and the loans and opportunities they can take to minimize long-term impact.

Although there aren't many reviews of what it's like to work at Borrowell, the company seems to focus heavily on employee growth, creating a positive work environment that is directed towards their mission of helping Canadians with their finances.

Values and Beliefs

Borrowell has five core values instilled in their team to build a positive work environment. Members of the Borrowell family must be high performing and humble, trustworthy and team-oriented, they must act like owners, love to learn, and respect the benefit of diversity!

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working for Borrowell?

What interests you about fintech?

What does diversity mean to you?

- Borrowell also asks many position specific questions, so make sure you do your research into what you'll be doing as part of their team!


Borrowell was founded in 2014 by founders Andrew Graham and Eva Wong. The initial reason for creating the company was the thought that borrowing money should be simple. Borrowing is a part of many people's every day lives, and many peoples lives depend on being able to borrow to grow their own business or pay off bills. Borrowell has quickly grown to become a highly relevant player in the Toronto fintech space. Receiving $57.3M over the last 4 years, with a mix from investment and debt financing, Borrowell is positioned to be a dominating firm in the lending market.