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Mission: Today, our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else.
Dallas, Texas
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Ontario
Paris, France
Employees: 254000
  • Public - Market Capitalization $235.6 billion
  • Over 36 Acquisitions - 1993 - 2018

Company Q&A

Q: How does AT&T onboard new hires?

“New hires are assigned a mentor they work closely for the first few weeks.”

Q: What sort of training do you provide around diversity and inclusion at AT&T?

Q: How does AT&T onboard new hires?

“New hires are assigned to a mentor that they work closely with for their first month and they’ll do a lot of remote trainings based on the companies policies”

Q: How does AT&T onboard new hires?

“provides on line instruction and discuss with team memember”

Q: How does AT&T onboard new hires?

“4 week new hire training as well as shadowing veteran sales associates ”
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Team Members

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Elizabeth Gonzales Badillo
Sachin Sebastian
Nick Galante
Beverly Bradley-Onifade
Adi Susmono
Prithika Devadoss
Deidre Smith
Alexis Johnson
Kashona Davis-Malveaux
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Dallas, Texas
San Francisco, California
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What employees at AT&T think about working there

“The Union does really great things for the companies worker rights and the pay is pretty good, but overall hours can get really long and it seems like they've been doing more cost cutting in recent years. It's a good job for a few years to gain some stability and experience but I wouldn't stay here for too long.”
“Couldn't be happier with the opportunities AT&T has given me to grow into being a more professional individual first of all, and a more competent employee as well. Their training is very structured and if you want to learn any role, all you have to is ask. They really take diversity seriously and I've had very few problems with racism. AT&T is much better then its competition, and a great place to build a long and fruitful career.”
“Not a terrible place to work. Generally the people are friendly and the workplace is positive. Pay is also pretty good and benefits are standard. It's definitely a company where you'll have the opportunity to build a career, but it's not really a job where you'll be changing the world and making a difference in the economy.”
“There are some nice people here and I guess the pay is not that bad, but there are so many leadership issues and just a general lack of processes and communication that makes getting anything productive done nearly impossible. This is a place for people who come to die in their career, not somewhere you want to be if you want to accelerate your career.”
“AT&T is a a workplace that values it's employees and knows how to keep people motivated and engaged even though the company is so huge. We're a lot of people and there are a lot of roles are more standard day in day out, but if you make an effort and prove yourself to be valuable to the company, you'll have lots of opportunities to move up.”

AT&T Glassdoor Themes

Career growth

Great to be a part of such a spread out global company with offices everywhere in the world. In my late 20's I really took advantage of the spread an jumped around to different offices that were in need of my skill set. AT&T actually valued me as an employee and gave me the opportunity to both move up, but also to move around in the company.
AT&T has been unbelievably good to me these last few years, I could not be happier about the opportunities I've been given and the position I now hold. I was in a team that I didn't really mesh with, and brought it up with an HR staff, they recommended a new opening on a different team and I took the chance to do the switch. Ever since then I've been working with highly motivated teammates and true leaders that have given me room to do my best work and constantly improve.

Large company environment

They do a pretty good job at making sure teams are aware of what the other teams are doing and how to work around it, but as a big company there will always be times where you feel the size is getting in the way of the operations. There's definite benefits to working at a company this large but a con that definitely keeps coming back is that I never really know what's going elsewhere in the company.
I have to give credit that my manager was pretty good at trying to give us a reference point in the company of what we were doing and how it helped the overall company, but as someone who really likes making changes and improving processes, it's hard to get anything done. If you're looking for a job where you'll be doing similar activities and contributing to a team instead of the company, I'd recommend working here. If you want to watch a business grow because of your work, I wouldn't recommend it.

Forward thinking organization

Really appreciate how much AT&T has made diversity a core focus in the last few years. Unlike a lot of the larger companies I've worked for, AT&T makes it known that they want to be a leader in building a diverse workforce that takes advantage of the perspectives gained from it. I've never really been in a situation that I found uncomfortable because of my skin, and if it ever does happen I know I can talk to people about it and they will listen.
I've worked at AT&T for a few years and in the past I found it to be a nice, stable, career type job where you get paid well and there's lots of opportunities. Recently though we've been going through massive layoffs where the CEO has just told us it's a new way of life. Job roles are constantly being reassigned and you never know if you'll have your job one day to the next.

What do customers of AT&T think of the products the company offers?

“Honestly it's difficult to say if AT&T is better or worse then the competition. I stay with them just because it's a hassle to make the switch and I already have everything setup. My time with them hasn't been overly positive, but I feel there offers are similar to other telecom companies and I always here people complain about every company so in the end I don't feel it makes a difference.

Every time I do threaten to cancel because either my rates are going up or I find my service to be not as good as it was, the loyalty department will toss me a bone and convince me to stay. Usually it's something nice like a discount on my bill, one time I got a DVR recorder which was pretty sweet, but I do it a few times a year to make sure my rates don't keep increasing.

Sometimes though when the bills arrive after I call they haven't actually implemented the discount that the customer service person promised. I have to call back, sit on hold for hours at a time, and make them retro-actively change the price. I can tell that this is annoying for them because customer service always sounds like your breaking into their lunchtime.

I've seen a lot of reviews on consumer affairs and other consumer reporting sites about telecom companies and the overall consensus is AT&T isn't a great company, but if you look at the competition like Sprint, it's not much better. Make sure you pay your bills on time, call them once in awhile to keep them in check, and always settle your balance (or they will be really on your back).”

What's the interview process like for joining AT&T?

“The interview process is mostly there for them to get a feeling of what you're like as a person. They mostly ask personality type questions, and a few technical questions just to make sure you can do the job. First off you apply and take a series of tests. Then you have a phone screen interview, followed by an in person interview with a local manager. If you pass that you're in!”

How can I maximize my chances for success at AT&T?

“Best way to grow in your career at AT&T is just to make sure your in a good team and you're putting the work in. It's very much a standard workplace where there's lots of capable people who are happy doing their job and not moving up, which is perfectly fine, but if you want to move up all you have to do is put in a little bit of extra work and to keep talking with your manager about your goals.”

Is there good work/life balance at AT&T?

“Sometimes there's lots of work that needs to be done, it's not like we sit around all day and do nothing, but in general you're able to go home without bringing your work with you. There are times where we have to hit a project deadline so doesn't mean you'll never work from home, but 95% of the time it's 40 hours a week of work.”

How would you describe the environment at AT&T?

“The environment at AT&T is pretty positive and laid back. I've really enjoyed my time working here because I'm really comfortable coming into work and working with my team. I think a lot of why I like working here is because there's an atmosphere of realism that isn't hindered by ridiculous expectations or ruled by fear like a lot of the other companies I've worked at in the past.

The best thing about working at AT&T for me though is my team. Lots of genuine and caring people are actually interested in helping each-other. Our manager doesn't put himself on a pedestal, he's very realistic and communicates clearly what corporate expects him to do in our meetings and why he thinks they're doing it.

There is definitely a feeling that some things are outside our control, which they are, which can be frustrating. When there were massive rounds of layoffs and we received an email from corporate saying layoffs will be the new norm, people were obviously scared for their jobs. But as a team we've been able to stick together and keep each other motivated.

AT&T is a great environment if you're looking for stability, realistic people, and professionalism. People come into work to do their jobs and do them well, then go home to their families or significant others. We all know we aren't changing the world, but we're living good lives.”

How technical of a company is AT&T?

AT&T is surprisingly technical of a company for being so large and corporate. There are definitely some of the problems that happen at companies who have acquired a lot of other companies with conflicting platforms and tech, but the engineering team at AT&T is capable, fun to work with, and there are some challenging problems we get to work on every once in awhile.

What kind of benefits and perks do you get for working at AT&T?

Benefits at AT&T are pretty good. We have lots of resources for learning, educational stipends, language courses, team building events, and other events/programs to help you learn and grow your career. The insurance package is pretty cheap and covers quite a bit. We also get meal vouchers and have quite a few local restaurants and gyms that we can go to.

How would you describe management at AT&T?

Management at AT&T is professional, calm, and not overly demanding. There are obviously some areas in the company where there are managers who are more scared of losing their job and are not great, but the majority of management that I've come across is hard working and supportive.

Will AT&T give you the training you need to grow in your career?

“Through my time at AT&T I've been through a lot of roles at a lot of different cities and the training involved, although it can be different, is generally very stable and well done. I've been really impressed with how much of an emphasis AT&T has put on making sure people have the technical skills needed to do their roles well, and the confidence that they can accomplish them.

When you're brought on to a new team they take the time to bring you up to speed and they give you lots of room so you can take the time to be confident in your ability. They also don't just leave you by the side and make you fend for yourself, usually there will be someone on the team who is there to support you in integrating with the new environment.

There are a lot of different roles at the company so if you're looking to grow your career then AT&T is a great place to be. Lots of different types of roles, but there's also lots of opportunity to manage new teams. I found that the managers I've had were very supportive in giving me the tools and time so that I could be successful, and so I'd definitely recommend coming here if you wanted to grow professionally.”

About AT&T

AT&T is an American and multinational conglomerate holding company and largest telecommunications company. They are also the second largest provider of mobile telephone services, and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the U.S. There are 4 main divisions to the company: business solutions, entertainment group, consumer mobility, and international.

Founded in 1983, AT&T is led by current CEO and president Randall Stephenson and is headquartered in Dallas Texas. Originally named the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, AT&T started off as a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell. After antitrust lawsuits that led to the company divesting, AT&T has quickly grown back to its former strength, with over 254,000 employees worldwide, 88 offices, and $160.5 billion in yearly revenues.

With AT&T being such a large organization, there are thousands of opportunities to join the ever growing company. The majority of positions are in customer service, sales, and business development roles, however there are also positions open for human resources, engineering, finance, operations, and management. With over 9,000 jobs posted on glassdoor and 3,100 on indeed, AT&T is hiring for a lot of positions world wide.

Values and Beliefs

AT&T has 4 core values that drive how AT&T interacts with the modern working environment and demonstrates how they are directed for success in the future. These 4 core values are:

- Giving Back. AT&T knows that as a market leader they're in a unique position to give back to the communities they serve and have a long lasting impact on their local communities.

- Volunteerism. AT&T strives to be a workplace that engages its employees to work hard but also to volunteer for worthy causes whenever possible. AT&T does many group activities that engage the employees with the external environment.

- Supporting Troops. AT&T recognizes that veterans and troops have a unique skill set unlike anyone else because of their training and the frame of mind they've gained from being in the armed forces. AT&T wants to both engage these talented individuals as well as support them with their transition.

- Workforce inclusion. AT&T knows that the modern work environment is nothing like it was even 30 years ago. There are many perspectives that were previously not heard of, AT&T wants to engage these individuals to bring a broader and stronger strategy to the world.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at AT&T?

How did you learn about this open position?

What year did you graduate?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What kind of hobbies are you interested in?

How have you dealt with a customer who didn't like what was happening in the past?


AT&T can look back in history and trace its roots right to the original Bell Telephone Company founded by the genius who patented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. One of the Bell Telephone Company's subsidiaries was the American Telegraph Company (AT&T) established in 1885. The monopoly of Bell and its subsidiaries was known as the Bell System, and established major market dominance throughout the 1900's.

In 1982 however U.S. regulators broke up the monopoly, requiring the company to divest its regional subsidiaries into individual companies, a huge blow to the company. These new companies quickly became known as Baby Bells. This breakup made the organization much more susceptible to competitors in the telecommunications space from companies such as MCI and Sprint.

In 2005, SBC purchased AT&T for $16 billion, and took on it's name and brand. AT&T, and many other companies acquired by SBC, are now operated through AT&T, companies such as DirecTV and lusacell. As of 2017 AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company, and holds a dominating position in many other related markets.