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Arctic Wolf Networks

Mission: Provide security teams with added layers of security
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Employees: 101-250
Funding: Total Funding - $43.2 million - 2012 - 2018

Company Q&A

Q: How frequently do leaders hold one-on-ones with their direct reports?

Q: What opportunities do junior full time employees have to learn from more senior full time employees at Arctic Wolf Networks?

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Team Members

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Matthew Thurston
Chief Arctictect
Demetri K
Senior Software Developer
Brad Bierman
Manager Security Engineering
Raymund Rimando
Senior Software Engineer
Michael Hart
Director of Infrastructure Engineering
Dinah Davis
VP of R&D
John Blais
Director of Security Engineering
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About Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf provides a managed Firebreak &s;detection &a; response&s; security service acting as an extension of your IT Security team.